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Your Brand WILL Experience Insane Amounts of Attention.

The Shinesty For Business Custom Apparel Program™ Turns Your Customers Into “The Celebrity In the Room.”

Not everyone can make one-of-a-kind wearable art.

Releasing a new product soon? Getting ready for a holiday? Hosting a big event? Tell us about your goals and upcoming campaigns. We’ll design a custom capsule of branded apparel for you.

We’ve made custom capsules for some of the biggest names in business (and lots of smaller names too).

Our textile designers, apparel designers, and illustrators live and breathe apparel design.

  • Apparel that features original prints

  • Apparel that’s high-quality for long-term wear

  • Apparel that people notice and talk about

  • Apparel that turns heads

“We invested in branded apparel before, but the quality was so poor I was embarrassed to give it away to people.”

Ah yes, the eternal quest to find high-quality branded apparel that doesn’t look like you dug it out of the dumpster (while the dumpster was on fire). Even if you do find a vendor that makes high-quality apparel, it’s not unique enough to stop thumb scrollers in their tracks. And if you can’t catch their eye, you can’t build a tribe.

Reviews from our customers

“If the Shinesty name is on it, I’m not worried. I know the quality of the piece is going to be spot on.”

- Rachael White

New Belgium

“I found out yesterday that the Achievement Hunter Holiday Sweater was the top performing item last week on our site and we are almost sold out of it!! 🙌🏾”

- Maloree Malone

Rooster Teeth

“I’m going to have to reorder because we’ve sold so much.”

- Sarah Kokkeler

Breckenridge Brewery

Here’s How Our White Label Apparel Program Works

  1. You share your business goals, campaign roadmap, and brand guidelines.

  2. We design original prints and a themed custom capsule of branded apparel for you.

  3. You hand select the prints and styles you want.

  4. We use our supply chain to manufacture the apparel for you.

  5. Your customers go HAM posting selfies to social. Your brand gets insane amounts of attention!

Not Your Basic Merch

Do your insides get upset just thinking about cheap, lame merch with your brand name on it?
Ew. Ours do too.